The whole project is designed to be flexible, therefore, we can move from site to site quickly and easily. Buildings can be utilised for up to 6 months or more. At the end of the agreed meanwhile lease, we will return your property fully vacated.


Charitable Objectives

At no cost to you, our solution enriches the lives of local residents:

  • Provide management of vacant buildings for use as community hubs.
  • Advance and encourage education / training for the public.
  • Guide and advise others in the creation of workshops, events and individual project start-ups.

“We need more places like The Hive in London as the city is in danger of overheating and pricing out anything experimental, more open or alternative.”
Charles Landry – Author “Creative Cities”

“Everyone who attended our strategy day was made to feel comfortable in a very welcoming and safe space. We were really impressed by the imaginative and creative use of space and the innovative ways of working, which were open, inclusive and very sensitive to the needs of our organisation.”
Alastair Binnie-Lubbock – Hackney Green Party Events Officer