Space Generators is a registered charity, attracting a mandatory 80% saving on business rates.

The pioneering team have enabled and empowered many community groups over the last three decades. Landlords, councils and community groups are connected for the innovative use of empty spaces.

Empty properties are a valuable resource. In conjunction with the Mayor of London’s Environmental Strategy, our ethos is to reuse wasted resources where possible. This not only includes using empty buildings but, waste food, furniture, computers and any other useful resources.

Moving beyond highly criticised live-in schemes, security guards, non secure/unsightly boarding, our 24-hour caretakers’ team works on minor repairs and improvements.

This solution enables a more unified and efficient use of space.

As a non-profit our values are quite different than that of a private company.

Our priorities are to serve the community and to ensure the maintenance of the building we are responsible for. In our view, the people come first.

“A few members of the Space Generators team have helped us transform our empty vacant office block into a thriving community hub. They have also aided us in improving our company relations with the local council and also kept the building secure. The local authorities can finally see the need and benefits for buildings to be utilised by charitable organisations.”
Michael Gerrard – Owner Investland Ltd Property Developers

“Places like the Hive should be included in the formal process of councils developing their plans for the future.”
Philip Glanville – Mayor of Hackney