Property Owners

As a vacant property owner, you  are paying for:

  • Business rates
  • Security costs
  • Legal costs
  • Admin costs

And there is the constant risk of

  • Vandalism
  • Theft of materials
  • Building deterioration
  • Planning permission delays
  • Contractor delays

Our Community Hub

Space Generators service provides on-site caretakers for your building, and quickly converts it into a pop-up creative hub, serving the community.


24 hour caretakers

Ensure your property is protected, whilst we create an amazing resource for the local population.

Giving you peace of mind and helping you improve relations between your company, the council and the wider community.


You Benefit From:

  • Business rate savings potentially up to 100%
  • Avoid additional costs
  • Flexible building management solution
  • No stress from delays in planning, leasing, contractors.
  • Security & basic maintenance provision.
  • New relationships with council, community and charity.
  • Improvements to the upkeep of the property.

Recycle Re- use Reclaim Space for the community